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Weed Control

Management & Control of weeds in the garden
At Green Rock Pest Control we help with management of many garden pests and weeds. We pride ourselves on a quick response time from point of contact with all our clients.
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Removing Weeds
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Garden Pest Management
We offer a reliable service and cover the following:
  • Chafer and leatherjacket control in lawns
  • Oak processionary moth
  • Aphids on plants, trees and in protected environments 
  • Red spider mite
  • White fly
  • Vine weevil
  • Fungal diseases like, black spot on roses, powdery mildew, rust, and honey fungus.
Weed, Moss & Algae Control

We specialise in:

  • Garden paths & patios
  • Weed control on hard surfaces 
  • Weed control in borders
  • Moss & algae control on hard surfaces 
  • Spot treatments on lawns
  • Japanese knotweed control​

We are qualified & certified to use residual weed killers on gravel, driveways etc, giving longer lasting control of the area treated.

Green Rock Van
Dandelion Seeds
Get in Touch & Solve your Garden Problems

We offer consultation on ways to reduce and eradicate garden pest problems using IPM (integrated pest management) techniques.

Why Choose Us?

We offer a reliable service and have years of experience.

Kieron has been in Horticulture for well over 30 years and has a natural passion for all things gardening with knowledge and experience to back it up.

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