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Rats, Mice, Ants, Wasps, Hornets, Flies, Moles, Mink, Squirrels, Carpet moths, Silverfish, Fleas, SPI or Stored Product Insects such as flour beetles and weevils, Psocids (plaster beetle & book lice), Bed Bugs + Cockroaches.

Please note that the above is not an exhaustive list.


Of properties and gardens


Keeping the pest out of your property.

Drain Work

From full surveys and remedial work.

Styled Garden
A rat
Service contracts and regular monitoring

For both commercial and domestic properties

Habitat Management
Harbourage removal

Clearing potential runs and nesting areas around your property.

Roof/Loft clearances

+ Supply and fit new insulation.


Bin store and bin cleaning


Removal and disinfectant treatments.

Roof Shingles
Recycling Bins
Insect Management

Fly screens fitted to vents, windows + doors & Cluster Flies – use cluster flies fogging treatment


 Pheromone monitoring traps & IGR (insect growth regulators) used for carpet & clothes moths treatments

Wasp & Hornet nest

Eradication and removal

Wasp & Fly bags

Supply, position and maintain throughout the season

A fly
A moth
A wasp
A housefly
Proofing & EFK
Rodent Proofing

Drain valves, Down pipe drain covers, Mesh Air brick covers, Vent covers, weepholes, Door and Garage strips

Bird Proofing

Roofs, chimneys wired, spiked or netted. Old nest removal


Electric Fly Killer – Supplied, fitted, serviced and monitoring

A rat
A pidgeon
A fly

Kieron is fluent in sign language 
And happy to help with your needs 
Committed to Customer Service

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